Get out there and govern your nonprofit using software that can help you save time and energy while increasing productivity!

What are the Benefits of Board Management Software?

A nonprofit charter school board, just like any nonprofit or for-profit governance structure, is comprised of members who are extremely limited on time.

Boards can benefit from streamlined processes, procedures, new technology and systems, but we are often stretched so thin that there is a reluctance to learn new systems due to a fear of the time commitment.

Implementing new board management software is a perfect example of how Boards miss out on important processes that offer benefits if only given the opportunity for success. Board management software can save thousands of hours both from administrators and governing boards; however, the initial time commitment can often seem overwhelming even when urgently needed.

Working with board management software, including Board on Track, The EpiCenter, Board Effect, and an internally created system, as a Board member and administrator over the last 18 years, I have become a strong proponent of seeing beyond the fear and apprehension in order to move toward effective board meetings and governance operations. An effective board management system can accomplish these goals.

Some software systems are full-service with little ability for modification, while other allow customizations and flexibility. Some offer primarily document retention and storage, while others allow for scheduling and communications. has worked extraordinarily well in providing my boards with tools to increase productivity and streamline meeting management.

The following are real benefits experienced by partnering with

  1. Time saving through the use of one online portal to retain all board meeting materials, documents, communication and scheduling
  2. Ease in agenda and meeting book builder that allows user annotations
  3. One click calendaring and scheduling
  4. Access to evaluations, surveys, polls, and reference documents
  5. Searchable libraries to house all corporate documents
  6. Task assignment and tracking tools
  7. Unlimited storage and organization

Together, you must determine what matters most to your board members (i.e. document retention, access to data, meeting efficiency, etc.) and ensure that the system you are considering includes tools and solutions to address these specific needs. Document retention systems add ease and value in each of these areas.
It is important to conduct research and present clear organizational goals as well as the solutions available when speaking with your board about the benefits of the system and services you are recommending. Make sure the service is affordable. The benefits of the best aligned board management software will greatly outweigh the cost!

Consider the value to key stakeholders and the benefit of allocating necessary funds to this critical need. Justification of the expense is grounded in both governance and administrations’ ability to be more efficient and effective in governance processes. Research your options. Grow past the fear and apprehension. Get excited, make a decision, and get out there and govern your nonprofit using software that can help you save time and energy while increasing productivity!

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