ABCD – a Board’s Critical Documents

While a handy mnemonic for “A Board’s Critical Documents,” the acronym ABCD also represents a top-down outline that ranges from formative and rarely-changing documents (Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws) through regularly-revised strategic (Core) documents to daily, dynamic, tactical operational (Documentary) documents. We have tried to include a wide variety of sources in our hyperlinks for you to explore further:

Defining the Roles: Welcome to the Board… Now What?

Hopefully your board member welcome packet has prepared you for your new role, but here are some helpful guidelines to navigate your responsibilities—as well as to help you understand how your role interacts with that of the executive director (superintendent, principal) and management organization.

First, what are your legal responsibilities? According to the Association of Governing Boards…

Five Characteristics of a Good Board Member

“One size does not fit all.” The question of what makes a good board member first depends upon the type of board to which the member belongs. While all board members are expected to provide organizational direction and leadership, the expectations of a fundraising focused board member are quite different from those of a more traditional…

Five Habits of Effective School Boards

1. Focus on Governance – Focus

In our previous article, Defining the Roles, we discussed how the focus of boards should be on governance (mission, financial oversight). Critical examination of the day-to-day activities of staff is critical to proper oversight; however, it is not the board’s role to micro-manage staff. Keep your eyes on higher-level, future-oriented…

Sustaining your charter school board’s membership

Few charter school board members like to waste their time just going through the motions of governing their schools. They need to know that investment of time and talent is making their school a better place for the children they serve. Without this assurance, their interest in governance will wane, and the stability of the board will be threatened. This article underscores the importance…

How your board can benefit by use of a consent agenda

How do I use Roberts Rules of Order?

Seven Keys to Effective Charter School Board Meetings